Parts of Human Eye and its Function 

Human eye is one of the most important parts of our body. it may be small but it has several parts that play a great role in making sure that the eyes perform its functions.

Human eye is composed of different parts and each part plays an important role. Here is the list of parts of the eye and its role.


Cornea is round and transparent dome. Its main objective is to focus the light that enters our eyes. it is compose of five other parts which work together in order to protect your eyes.


Lens is found behind the iris. It is characterized as transparent, crystalline parts of the eye and its function and elastic. It main aim is to focus the light on the retina.


Uvea is found in the middle of the eyeball. It is composed of three parts: choroid, ciliary and iris. The choroid aims to prevent the light from bouncing to the back region of the eye while ciliary aims to adjust the lens shape.


Iris is another part of the eye and its function is giving the eye color.  It is found in between sides of cornea and crystalline lens. The common eye colors are brown, green and blue.

The main function of iris is to dilate and contract the pupil, which may allow the controlling of light that reaches the retina.


Retina is the innermost area of your eye. It is compose of nerve tissues that are sensitive of light that enters the eye. The main function of retina is to send impulses to the brain, where it translated the images you may see.


Pupil is the hole in the middle of the eye where light can pass. This can get smaller or even bigger depending on the available light that reaches the eye.

Human eye is a complex organ and it is important that you take care of your eyes to avoid eye problems later on.

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